Teething May Not be Causing Your Child’s Fussiness

fussy baby
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When your baby is teething, sometimes we have been taught to expect runny noses, fevers, and trouble sleeping as parts of the months-long teething process. Turns out it’s just not so, according to Dr. Thomas Gibbs.

Here is a look at the problems teething can cause your infant, and what symptoms have other sources. As your Glen Ellyn, IL dentist points out, the more you know, the easier they are to deal with.

5 Teething Symptoms

Experts report that 5 symptoms are directly due to the teething process, including:

  • drooling
  • extra fussiness
  • mild gum pain
  • face rash
  • desire to chew on things

But what about all the crying, runny nose, fever, the loss of appetite, and trouble sleeping? If they last for more than a day, researchers say they are often the result of germs getting into the gums in the new openings caused by the teething. These symptoms might also be due to the natural changes in your child’s immune system as he gets older. If you’re worried about your child being sick or just need to bring in your child for their first appointment, check with the professionals here at Smile Glen Ellyn.

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