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Invest in a Superior Long-Term Solution

Are you suffering from a hopeless dentition, repeated dental failures, tooth pain, and the embarrassment of not having comfortable, functional teeth? Perhaps you are tired of constantly having crowns, root canals, and bridges fail or you wear dentures or partials that are too loose and cause constant discomfort. Now imagine how you would feel with a full set of permanent, beautiful teeth that allow you to smile naturally and confidently, chew anything you want, and do not (or on extremely rare occasions) break or need routine repairs. This is possible with Teeth Tomorrow®, our full arch dental implants  protocol! If you are frustrated and discouraged because of your failing or missing teeth, there is hope. Schedule a Teeth Tomorrow consultation with Drs. Thomas or Jessica Gibbs today to learn more about this superior long-term solution.

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What options are available if all of your teeth are failing?

The Permanent, Functional Alternative to Dentures

As a dentist with over 30 years of dental implant surgical and restorative experience, Dr. Thomas Gibbs has tested many different materials and full arch dental implant protocols. Today, we choose to offer the Teeth Tomorrow protocol and use Prettau® Zirconia bridges, the best long-term and clinically-proven solution in advanced dental ceramics. This amazing material is precision fabricated by only a few licensed laboratories using advanced computer-guided milling technology and heat processing. The completed product is extremely stain-resistant, resists fracture or chipping, and can easily last a patient’s lifetime. While implant retained and implant supported dentures are viable options for replacing teeth, they fall short when compared to the significant health, aesthetic, and functional benefits afforded by the Teeth Tomorrow protocol and zirconia bridge!

Dedicated to Clinical Excellence

Dr. Thomas Gibbs has placed and restored thousands of dental implants in the last three decades and conveniently provides all aspects of your care in our Glen Ellyn, IL office. With advanced training from some of dentistry’s most prestigious implant organizations, he is uniquely qualified to offer the Teeth Tomorrow protocol. Additionally, he is experienced in dental anesthesiology and IV sedation, and we provide comforting solutions during your surgical procedures, though many patients find it unnecessary. During your surgical procedure, we extract any remaining teeth and place 5-6 dental implants into your jaw using advanced guided technology to ensure the greatest level of precision. Then, while your full arch dental implants have a chance to heal and are secure in your jawbone, your new zirconia bridge is fabricated. Upon returning the following day, we attach this custom bridge to the implants for an instant transformation in your smile!



Permanent restoration solution for individuals with missing teeth

Eat and function as though you have natural teeth again

A solid, stable solution with immediate dental function

Natural, proportional smile with superior aesthetics

Provides renewed confidence and improved quality of life

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