Take Care of Your Body

Take Care of Your Body
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No matter what part of the body you think of, infections can be prevalent. This is no exception to oral infections. Whether you have a tooth extracted or gum diseases, infection can form. Bacteria in the body, especially in warm places, like the mouth, can continue to harvest. This is also the case for individuals with extremely poor oral hygiene.

When you have an extraction, or gum disease, infection becomes very common. Depending on the severity of the tooth needing to be pulled, or how badly your gums are diseased, your dentist may prescribe you antibiotics. The antibiotics are a way to kill any form of infection and stop bacteria from continuing to grow. But, like with anything, antibiotics sometimes will not be the only prevention.

If you seek dental attention and are experiencing facial swelling and swollen gums, along with toothaches and bleeding of the gums, then it is most likely true that you are experiencing signs of an infection. It is important to take medication provided by the dentist along with following their instructions, because you will not want the infection to spread or worsen.

In some cases, the infection will develop post-extraction or after gum disease is occurring. Following an extraction, bacteria will be more alive in the mouth than ever before.  With the extraction site being exposed, the bacteria will be able to get into the site, which can lead to the infection. Because of the wound being open, and the fact that you are unable to use mouthwash or brush during the first 24 – 48 hours, bacteria thrives. Bacteria will continue to grow because of the lack of being able sterilize your mouth. Sterilization causes the germs and bacteria to halt.

Even though infections can cause an individual a lot of pain, it needs to be dealt with immediately. Whether you notice symptoms of infection right after your dental procedure or prior, you need to seek attention from your dentist to be prescribed medication. Rinsing your mouth out with saltwater for the first few days will keep the extraction site clean.  As long as you take care of the extraction site and do what your dentist tells you, you shouldn’t have any further problems with the extraction site or the infection.

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