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A Smile Unique to You

A smile makeover is a cosmetic dentistry treatment that is truly unique to each patient. Due to the high level of customization and your involvement in the process, we can design the smile of your dreams—one that beautifully complements your facial features, personality, and how you wish to portray yourself to the world. If you look in the mirror and find current dissatisfaction with the appearance of your teeth, you have come to the right place. We have completed hundreds of major smile makeover cases, and your care is led by our Glen Ellyn, IL dentist, Dr. Thomas Gibbs, a graduate of the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. His artistic eye and technical skill can help you discover the smile you’ve always wanted with personalized treatment unique to you!

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Dr. Gibbs talks about ways to freshen up your smile with a smile makeover!

Self-Evaluate Your Smile

  • Are you satisfied with the current color of your teeth, or do your teeth have a yellow or gray tinge to them?
  • Are all your teeth correctly proportioned to one another, or are some of them too big or small? Look for teeth that are mismatched in size to their place within your smile sequence.
  • Are your teeth straight or are some (or all) crooked?
  • Are any teeth excessively flat or pointed?
  • Are your gums visible when you smile? If so, how much?

Our Custom Smile Makeover Process

A cosmetic dentistry smile makeover is highly reflective of you as a person. It can also affect your ability to speak and chew correctly—all great reasons for us to be certain you are comfortable with the process and thrilled with the result! Whether your smile makeover requires a complex treatment plan or a few simple procedures, you can be sure that our goal is to provide you with a beautiful, functional, and healthy smile you can love for the rest of your life.

Step 1: Visualization

Everybody has a different concept of what comprises the perfect smile design for them. Our smile catalog consists of a dozen different smiles devised by the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. The catalog has served as a source of inspiration and an aid to visualization for tens of thousands of patients across the country and around the world. We’re confident you will be inspired!

Step 2: Mock-Up

We realize that a smile makeover represents a major investment and reflects your social and professional standing. Because of this, we take great care in our treatment planning process. With most cases, we offer an initial “mock-up” in wax depicting the proposed result, followed by a “trial period” in provisional materials.

Step 3: Makeover

We carry out your custom treatment plan over the next few weeks or months, depending on your case. Because you already know what the outcome will be, you can have peace of mind during this time with the assurance we’re providing exactly what you wanted! When your smile makeover is complete, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits an aesthetic and healthy smile brings!

Every Patient Has A Story To Tell

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  • "My crown fell out! Implants were the solution!"
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  • "Sedation made my dental work fast and anxiety free!"

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