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Do You Have a “Gummy” Smile?

Do you feel as though your teeth are lost beneath too much gum tissue? Several different factors, including extraordinarily large gums or short teeth, can give your mouth this “gummy” appearance, where the ratio between the gum tissue and the visible teeth is imbalanced. Even if your teeth are normally sized, large gums can make them look strangely small by comparison. This excess gum tissue can also make your oral health more challenging to manage as food debris can become trapped beneath the surface and cause tooth decay. Fortunately, there are several periodontal options we offer at our Glen Ellyn, IL office that transform a “gummy” smile into one of symmetrical beauty!

The Causes of a “Gummy” Smile

  • Overgrown gums
  • Irritation from braces
  • Medication
  • High lip lines
  • Mouth breathing
  • Attrition (worn teeth)
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Our “Gummy” Smile Solutions

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This procedure is used when attrition has occurred, and the teeth have been ground away, rather than the gums being abnormally large. Several methods are usually combined, including using dental crowns to bring the teeth back to their original length.

Crown lengthening reveals more of your teeth while reducing the visible amount of gum tissue. Also known as “gum lift” or “gum re-contouring,” both gum tissue and bone may be excised from around the teeth to give them a longer look. Crown lengthening is also used to expose enough of a badly decayed tooth to make restorative surgery possible.

Quickest, most comfortable, and fastest healing of all gum reduction options, laser gum surgery  is a recent method that makes use of safe and effective modern technology. Pain, bleeding, and swelling are kept to a minimum and recovery time is usually very fast. We prefer to use advanced diode lasers for most cases, to reshape excessive gum tissue fast and with minimal pain.

Non-surgical BOTOX weakens the muscles that raise the lips so that they do not draw back as far over the gums. This procedure must be repeated at intervals since this option wears off after a time. Dr. Gibbs is a mentor at the American Academy of Facial Esthetics and is experienced with using BOTOX both cosmetically and therapeutically.

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