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Experiencing a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies can happen to anyone and at any time. Our goal is to restore your health and comfort as quickly as possible. We offer emergency dentistry services at our Glen Ellyn, IL office and convenient scheduling for both existing and new patients.

Existing patients having acute dental pain, swelling, or having an emergency requiring immediate attention, can call our emergency number: 630-991-3329. Your message will be returned within an hour. After hours, you may call Dr. Gibbs’ personal cell phone for even faster service. Please see your appointment card or office business card for his number.

New patients who call our office with an emergency will be seen within the first few hours of the next business day. Please call us or leave a message on our general office phone: 630-858-8800. State laws prohibit prescribing medications to patients not previously seen at our Glen Ellyn, IL office.

Experienced Emergency Dentistry Care

A toothache accompanied by swelling or fever often indicates a dental infection. We will have you in as soon as possible and determine if the tooth requires a tooth extraction (hopefully not!), a root canal, if it is a gum (periodontal) infection, or something else.

If you break a tooth and there is no swelling or pain, you can usually wait until the office opens to schedule an appointment. If the tooth is sharp to the tongue you can sometimes put wax over the sharp area until you get into the office. If the fracture is a cosmetic emergency, we can usually provide same-day appointments. We wouldn’t want you to wait long, and we understand that this too is an emergency!

If decay or fracture leaves the tooth unable to be restored with dental crowns or root canals, tooth extraction may be necessary. Our extraction process uses specialized tools and minimally invasive techniques to ensure safety and comfort.

Very gently rinse the tooth (don’t rub it or scrub it!) and place it in a glass of cold milk. Bring it to the office as soon as possible to improve our chances of saving your tooth by re-implanting it.

Red, swollen, or tender gums can indicate a gum or periodontal infection. This can be as easy as something caught in the gums requiring removal or gum disease, which needs treatment right away. We will try to see you the same day you contact us!

Wisdom teeth may need to be extracted, but sometimes it may only be a gum infection or tooth infection and they can be saved.

Often the decay process can get to the point where the teeth become sensitive to touch or sharp to the tongue or cheek. Call right away as sometimes we can place a filling and get you comfortable fast!

Dentures can usually be repaired in the office on the same day of your emergency. We will be better able to assess your situation at the time of your call.

dr gibbs discussing affordable dental care

Making Care Affordable and Nearly “Pain-Free”

We understand that it takes a lot of courage for some of our patients to visit our office, especially if they feel embarrassed about the condition of their teeth or need emergency dentistry care. We see many patients who are years behind in dental care and our team will never make you feel bad about waiting too long. Though we cannot promise truly “painless” dentistry, we certainly do have many ways to make your care comfortable with dental sedation. Our team also provides ways to finance your dental care to make it affordable, and we can even break up your care into phases to fit your budget without compromising the quality of your care. We always work with your insurance to maximize the benefits due to you. As always, feel comfortable to ask us any questions.

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