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Experienced Care to Avoid Complications

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Dental Implants: The Tooth Replacement of Choice

Dental implants have proven to be one of the best solutions for restoring patients’ comfort, quality of life, and dental health. As the only permanent tooth restoration, dental implants need specialized and trained dentists to carry out treatment. Unfortunately, with such a rapid development in implantology over the past few years, many dentists currently practicing are not fully trained in the placement and use of dental implants. This, in turn, leads to many medical errors, poorly placed implants, and resulting pain. This is no reason for you to avoid using dental implants, however. It simply means that it’s prudent to check the background and qualifications of the dentist that you pick to avoid peri-implantitis and other dental implant complications.

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Considerations for Choosing an Implant Dentist

  • Updated skills, continuing education, and credentials
  • Treatment cost (steep discounts may mean poor quality)
  • Use of advanced surgical technology and high-quality materials
  • Patient reviews and photo evidence of previous cases
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Choose Our Trained, Qualified Dentist

Dental implant complications or failing dental implants harm not just a single tooth, but possibly your whole jaw, creating difficulties which should be corrected or may result in removal of the failed implant—all at an additional cost. Keenly aware of all these potential problems, Dr. Thomas Gibbs offers some of the best implantology in the field today and keeps abreast of the latest developments through continuing education and top dental journals. We only start placing implants after thoroughly examining and assessing your oral condition and medical background. Bone quantity, quality, and configuration are determined in detail using 3D CBCT scans, and we use only the highest quality implant materials, ensuring maximum biocompatibility, best fit, and a durable, long-lasting enhancement to your chewing and speaking abilities. Properly in place and accurately restored, dental implants from our skilled Glen Ellyn, IL team have the permanency to last your lifetime!

Avoid dental implant complications. Consult our implant dentist today!