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Tooth Restoration in One Visit

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Why We Choose CEREC Crowns

A mission to provide the best possible care to our patients is at the heart of all we do and our decisions to invest in such advanced technology as CEREC same-day dentistry solutions. A standout in cosmetic dentistry, CEREC crowns technology allows us to provide one-visit restorations using CAD/CAM software and an in-house milling machine. Tailored to the patient’s needs, exactly fitted to your tooth, and created with high-speed precision, CEREC crowns are one of our most valued cosmetic dentistry solutions. Our experienced dentists are fully trained with the methods used to create CEREC crowns of superb quality, and we can provide you with excellent restorations – made to fit your mouth perfectly while you wait, and then serving you well for many years to come.

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Our CEREC Crowns Process

CEREC is an abbreviation of “Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics,” or more simply, “Ceramic Reconstruction.” It is used for around 7 million crowns globally each year but is available in less than 10 percent of the offices in the United States. If you elect to receive CEREC crowns at our Glen Ellyn, IL office, our restorative treatment protocols outlined here make the process comfortable and effective.

A scanning device is used to create a digital impression by taking about 19 pictures per second, and re-formatting these images to re-create the tooth in 3D on the computer.

The computer analyzes the data, considering the specific tooth involved, the shape and placement of the adjacent teeth, and precise measurements of the oral structure at the point where the crown is to be situated.

Using this data, the computer generates a 3D model of the crown. We make any adjustments and send the information wirelessly to a milling device located conveniently right in our office.

The milling device sculpts the crown out of a solid block of porcelain, which has been chosen to match the color of the patient’s teeth. We have also selected such factors as the translucency needed (different parts of the block have different gradations of translucency). The milling process takes around 15 minutes to complete, and sometimes less. The carving is extremely high quality and extremely precise, finely cut to exactly match the missing area of the tooth that the CEREC crown is to replace.

We put finishing touches on the crown, including making sure the amount of gloss matches the other teeth and making other fine adjustments. Our advanced porcelain glazing kiln permits us to alter the color of porcelain crowns rapidly to match your teeth.

The restoration is cemented into place on your prepared tooth. You will be able to enjoy the benefits of a high-quality and aesthetic dental crown in just two hours (or less!) after arriving at our office!

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Benefiting from CEREC Technology

CEREC crowns provide many immediate and long-term benefits for patients. Their one-piece construction makes them far more resilient, able to take full bite force in most cases, and ensures their longevity. Since there is no metal involved, they can be fully translucent, imitating the appearance of actual teeth far more accurately. Improved aesthetics is also possible due to the greater variety of colors available. Flexibility, bonding qualities, and wear strength can all be chosen to match the requirements of the position. One visit is enough to measure, mill, and cement the CEREC crown, saving you the inconvenience of using temporary crowns and of returning to the dentist multiple times. CEREC crowns have many additional advantages, including:

  • More original tooth structure preserved
  • Custom designed and stained in-office
  • Computerized design saved, if needed later
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  • Nearly hypoallergenic, with rare irritation
  • Full customization with CAD/CAM software
  • Beautiful, natural crown aesthetics

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