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Redefining Dentistry

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Advanced Technology
Elevates the Standard of Care

Traditional dentistry certainly has helped countless patients achieve ideal oral health, but the emergence of dental technology has raised the bar when it comes to the standard of care. Backed by advanced technology, each dentist and team member at our Glen Ellyn, IL office can provide more personalized, comfortable, and safe dental treatments for our patients. Along with minimizing discomfort during procedures, technology allows us to more accurately diagnose dental concerns before they become serious and provide more targeted and effective treatment when necessary. If you are searching for a dentist who offers this elevated standard of care, we welcome you to Smile Glen Ellyn!

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What to Expect with Advanced Technology

  • Minimally invasive, more comfortable treatments
  • Reduced need for noisy, vibrating dental drills
  • Elimination of scalpels for many soft tissue treatments
  • Better diagnostics for more targeted procedures
  • Quick recovery, with minimal pain and bleeding
  • Overall elevated patient experiences

CAD/CAM technology to design and mill restorations for teeth in a single visit.

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High-quality 3D imaging of the mouth, including teeth, bone, sinuses, and nerves.

Hand-held device with a fluorescent laser light that illuminates caries on the teeth.

Non-invasive oral cancer screening device that discovers abnormalities in the soft tissue.

Chair-side imaging tool that lets patients see the interior their mouth as dentist’s do.

Blood-derived growth factors used to regenerate new hard and soft tissues.

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Computer controlled, syringeless system for “painless” delivery of local anesthesia.

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Minimally invasive, virtually pain-free alternative to traditional soft tissue treatment.

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State-of-the-art autoclave unit for sterilization of dental tools and infection control.

See how technology changes dentistry today.

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