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Technology & Dental Health

The Incredible Importance of Great Dental Health

If you think that good dental health is not important you must read our sections on:

• Dental Disease and Heart disease — Scary but you should know this information!
• Dental Health and Diabetes — each malady worsens the other in a bad cycle!
• The Danger of Dentures — how about increased senility, sunken faces, digestive problems an more!

Dental Health Topics

• Read our section on bad breath or Halitosis — I don’t know anyone that isn’t at some time concerned! Headache,migraines, and jaw joint pain? —Read our section on this topic! Sometimes we even use Botox to help these people!
Tooth grinding (bruxism) affects more than 25% of the population and causes all sorts of problems. Read about how to stop this!
Gum recession is also common and again cascades down to all sorts of problems that can be prevented!

How about Advanced technology?

• Read our section on CT cone beam technology –This incredible new technology allows us to plan dental implants and diagnose pathology more accurately than ever before possible
• Read our section on Dental Comfort Options for how technology can keep you comfortable, along with the section on “syringeless” numbing, digital x-rays, laser dentistry, and advances in sterilization/infection control!

Dental Emergencies—Extractions, tooth pain, and the problems with Rotten teeth

Lastly—we have to talk about Dental Emergencies—Extractions, tooth pain, and the problems with rotten teeth. Reality does happen and we try to keep patients from these problems. We always try to get our patients comfortable as quickly as possible (in the same day)! We’ll also talk about some of the common problems with dental emergencies and what is commonly done to get people comfortable again.

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