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Dental Implants


Dental implants are clearly the new “miracle” of modern dentistry! No longer do healthy teeth have to be “filed down” for tooth supported bridges nor do people have to have destructive partial dentures that trap food. Full dentures that “flop around” so people cannot eat or talk comfortably and cause social embarrassment or discomfort can be secured into place, or eliminated completely!

My recommendations: (from someone with over 30 year of dental implant experience):

First–learn the basis of what are dental implants, and what are the dangers of missing teeth (more than you think!!)

Second—Examine the choices for replacing missing teeth, replacing tooth bridges, and eliminating destructive partial dentures.

Lastly what are the choices for either securing a denture to make your life “livable” again, or eliminating dentures all together!

Finally—learn what are the costs of dental implants, and what you should know about having dental implants placed!

Also—check our patient photo gallery and patient feedback for more information.

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