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Invisalign Invisible Braces

1Straight, even teeth give your mouth a stylish and attractive look, but might seem like they could be achieved only through the use of painful metal braces, with all the problems that they entail. Furthermore, while kids are expected to have braces, an adult smiling with a mouthful of steel wires is another matter entirely – presenting an esthetically unpleasant picture that would fit in poorly with a social situation, a business meeting, or a romantic moment.

Fortunately, the advance of technology has provided an exciting solution in the form of Invisalign invisible braces. These tooth straightening aids were made possible by today’s precision computer manufacturing and modern medical dental materials. They gradually shift your teeth to the desired position over the course of several months, while remaining mostly invisible.

Using Invisalign Braces

Invisalign Best Geln Ellyn The process of fitting Invisalign invisible braces begins with computer imaging of the current alignment of your teeth. The situation is assessed – whether your teeth are spaced too wide, crowded together, and misaligned due to jaw changes since wearing braces, etc. – and a full treatment plan is devised. You will also be able to view a simulation of how your teeth will look when fully straightened, so that you know what you can look forward to. The plan will also be shown to you so that you can clearly see every step involved.

  • Invisalign straightens teeth by moving them in stages, each stage shifting the teeth slightly closer to their final, straight alignment. Each stage is carefully mapped in 3D using advanced software programs, so that the position of your teeth at each stage is known precisely and a full spatial map of them exists for medical analysis.
  • A clear plastic “aligner” is made to correspond to each stage of tooth movement. These aligners are custom made for the patient, tailored to the precise measurements generated by the computer and the skilled dentist during the first part of the process. The material used is a strong, transparent medical grade plastic, which is safe, inert, and mostly hypoallergenic.
  • The first aligner is inserted, pressing gently on the teeth to gradually move them a fraction of an inch closer to their final position. After about two weeks, the aligner is replaced by the next in the sequence, and so on until the teeth have been fully shifted to the desired configuration.
  • Invisalign is virtually undetectable by other people when being worn, and thus does not interfere with your daily activities and human interactions. Nobody will know that you are in the process of straightening your teeth.
  • Invisalign aligners are removable, and should be taken out when eating, plus for dental hygiene such as brushing and flossing. In order to be effective, however, they must be worn at all other times. Aligners should remain in the mouth approximately 22 hours per day.
  • Once treatment is complete, your teeth need to be assessed by the dentist to see whether or not you need a positioner. If there is a risk of the teeth shifting back towards their original alignment, a positioner should be used. In some cases, a regular retainer such as that used following a treatment with metal braces is recommended. At other times, a clear plastic removable retainer is used, to be worn only during sleep. Your unique situation will be discussed fully with you when you visit our office for follow-up treatment.

Advantages of Invisalign (Invisaline, Invisiline)

The Invisalign system has a number of advantages compared to older wire braces. Some of these benefits include:

  • The medical grade plastic from which they are manufactured is close to hypoallergenic. Thus, much of the irritation caused by wire braces is eliminated.
  • This system offers minimal discomfort. There is a feeling of pressure for the first few days after a new aligner is inserted. This is to be expected and indicates that the Invisalign is working properly. There is no pain from Invisalign, unlike highly painful metal braces. The sensation of pressure disappears after a few days.
  • Their removable nature means you can easily maintain normal dental hygiene while wearing these oral fixtures.
  • The aligners are removed for eating and drinking, which means that you can drink all your favorite beverages and eat your favorite foods with no problem. This stands in stark contrast to metal wires and brackets, which require a restricted dietary choice.
  • Invisalign has little effect on speech, with a slight lisp for a day or so being the worst impediment. Some patients do not even experience this.

    Note: The name Invisalign is derived form the two words “invisible” and “align” as we seek to use a set of nearly invisible appliances to ”align” the teeth. We often see the phonetic spellings of “Invisiline” and “Invisaline” used.

    Dr. Gibbs, Invisalign, and Tooth Straightening

    Dr. Gibbs has 25 years of tooth straightening experience, and has witnessed (and experienced) all the advances during that time. He has also kept abreast of the latest developments through diligent use of high quality continuing dentistry courses. The doctor is fully conversant with the use of Invisalign braces and can use them effectively to provide you with the gleaming rows of even, perfectly aligned teeth you dream of!

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